What We Do

We recommend, specify, and use color to achieve our clients’ visions of the perfect background to complement, beautify, and enhance their residences and offices.

How We Do It

o   Working with Clients in New Homes

We look, we ask questions, we listen carefully, and we recommend – translating what we learn into specifics. Color is fundamental to creating a gracious, comfortable, beautiful home. It is the first – and most basic – step to a smooth-flowing environment that reflects the taste, and style of the owner. Color is the backdrop for every aspect of design: lighting, fabrics, and furniture. When we start with color, the results surpass our clients’ dreams.

o   Working with Builders and Architects on New Homes

The best time to bring us into a project is at the very beginning. So many basic decisions about building materials, tile, fixtures, flooring, etc. are made easier and more cohesive when color is at the center of the discussion.

o   Working with Clients Who Are Downsizing

We work with clients who must make choices about what to keep and what to dispose of by providing a background to enhance their furniture and cherished possessions in their new setting. Our careful attention to our clients’ wishes goes a long way in reducing the uncertainty and anxiety that often accompany a move to smaller quarters.

o   Working with Office-based Professionals

Offices have challenges that are quite different from residences. In an office, there is very little unused space, and each room has a specific purpose. With lawyers, physicians, dentists, accountants, non-profit organizations, etc., we work with color on two vital levels: to project the desired image to patients, clients; and to provide a comfortable, appealing setting for all who work in the office. Typically, people working in office-based practices routinely access all areas of the suite, making the flow of colors essential for the efficient use of the space.

o   Helping Existing Homes and Offices with a Makeover

We can provide a palette that will enhance a client’s existing furnishings while creating a whole new look.

o   Adding to Existing Space

The goals seem so simple: to achieve an effortless, pleasing flow from room to room while maintaining the aesthetics of the existing areas. But all too often, the addition – whether a family room, kitchen, master bedroom seems ‘tacked on’ – both looking like an eyesore and detracting from the original residence. We ensure that the new space neither dominates nor detracts from the old – color is the link that makes it all work – always respecting our clients’ wishes and budgets.

Our Work with Architects and Interior Designers

We’re not egotistical; neither do we seek the limelight! Our collaborations with architects and interior designers reflect their goals and respect their relationship with the client. For example, if all natural materials are being used and the architect feels that color is needed, we would provide a palette to enhance the architect’s vision. If color is not the professional’s strength, we can demonstrate how color will enhance the residential or commercial project. In this instance, our client is the architect or designer, NOT the end user.

How We Work with Our Clients – the Process

As consultants, we ask lots of questions about our clients’ wishes, goals, hopes, and dreams. From the initial meeting and through to project completion, we listen closely to make certain we fully understand fully the client’s wishes and perception about the finished product. We detail our services carefully, explain how we work, and may even offer a ideas even at the early stages to test reactions.

As long as we are ‘tracking’ together, we move on to the details of a contractual agreement to achieve final color selection and explain how we arrive at our fee.

Next Steps

Once an agreement is reached and a contract is signed, we photograph all areas included in the project. We probe to learn more about the client’s likes and dislike and begin the selection process – eliminating colors that are not appealing to the client. (Sometimes, when clients aren’t able to articulate what they like, they can often say what they don’t like. In this way, we can often ‘back into’ their preferences.)

Walls comprise the largest square footage of a home and should dictate what follows. We contact painter, meet him at the job, explain project, and determine in advance if there are any inherent problems needing to be solved.

The Finished Product

We present the recommended colors to the client and follow up by suggesting revisions, if necessary. Our presentation, a customized folder contains i:

o   Actual paint selections indicating recommended paint finishes

o   Photographs of the areas with paint selections denoting exact placement of each color

o   A copy of all specifications for the painter

o   Our contact information for questions, etc.

Once agreement is reached, the work begins. We are always available for site visits to inspect progress, etc.


Laurie Glassner, President of Just Add Color! represents the 3rd generation in this 114-year old family business and has managed all aspects of the company’s operations. Her well-deserved success and fine reputation are based upon creativity, attention to detail, extraordinary service, quality products, and understanding that the client is the focal point.

She is a member of ASID, the American Society of Interior Designers.